Expectations for Professionalism and Personal Accountability

As members of the Mailman School community, students agree to abide by the community’s standards. Violations of the Community Standards, even those that arise from lack of awareness or understanding, may lead to disciplinary action for the offending student.

Affirmation of Community Standards

As representatives of Columbia University, the Mailman School, and the public health profession, all students commit to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct and make the following affirmations:

  • I will maintain honesty and integrity in all aspects of my education.
  • I will not cheat, plagiarize, use unauthorized materials, misrepresent my work, falsify data, or assist others in committing these acts.
  • I will act respectfully during my interactions with staff, faculty, and peers.
  • I will commit myself to understanding and preserving professional ethics.
  • I will commit myself to understanding and adhering to the Mailman School's Guidelines on Professionalism.
  • I acknowledge that while in public, I represent the public health profession, Columbia University, and the Mailman School and will conduct myself responsibly.

By conducting oneself with honesty, integrity, fairness, and respect for others, a community capable of the free exchange of ideas and excellence in public health can be fostered. Behavior that deviates from these principles jeopardizes this achievement and, in some circumstances, community safety. As such, I understand it is my personal responsibility to confront and report such behavior via the reporting mechanisms described on the Mailman School’s website.

“On my honor, as a member of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, I will adhere to the Affirmation of Community Standards delineated above."