All graduates (October, February and May) who plan to attend the May graduation ceremonies must wear academic regalia to both the Mailman and all-university Commencement ceremonies. When purchasing Regalia, please be sure to ensure a tassel was included with your mortarboard.

Ordering and Pick-up

Master’s students (MPH, MHA, and MS)

Masters candidates at Columbia University and its affiliated institutions wear a cap (mortarboard) with tassel and gown; no hood is used. Graduates must purchase regalia from the Columbia University Bookstore. No pre-ordering is necessary for Master’s regalia and they are not available for rental. All regalia must be picked up at the Morningside Campus University bookstore.

Doctoral students (PhD and DrPH)

Doctoral recipients wear a gown, hood and velvet tam (cap). All three components are required in order to walk in all commencement ceremonies.

Orders for rental doctoral regalia may be submitted at any time. Late fees will apply to rental regalia orders placed after March 29, 2019. Orders for custom purchase doctoral regalia take 5 weeks for delivery. The last day to order custom regalia with guaranteed delivery by Commencement is April 19, 2019.

Specific details regarding purchasing regalia, including price, can be found on the University's Barnes & Noble site.