Conference Presentation Fund

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is committed to promoting learning opportunities outside the classroom for all enrolled students. A unique component of master’s and doctoral education is learning through presentation at regional, national, and international conferences. The OSA’s Conference Presentation Fund supports students who wish to take advantage of these opportunities.

Program Guidelines

  1. Students must be enrolled in a degree granting program at the Mailman School of Public Health (MPH, MS, PhD, or DrPH), and be in good academic standing and actively registered (not on leave).

  2. Students must be a major contributor to an oral or poster presentation being given at a public health conference and must be presenting. 

  3. Generally, the material on which the presentation is based must emerge from research done while a registered student at Mailman. 

  4. Funds are reimbursed after the conference has concluded. Items that fall within reimbursement guidelines include registration, travel, lodging, poster printing, and other expenses not covered by other funding sources. More detailed information about reimbursement will be included in the award letter.

  5. International conferences are typically reimbursed in an amount ranging from $700 to $1100. National and regional conferences are typically reimbursed in an amount ranging from $200 to $700.

  6. Please note that funds are limited. A committee with representatives from across the School reviews applications in order to equitably distribute funds among the Mailman School students who apply.

  7. Students must affiliate themselves with the Mailman School of Public Health when registering for the conference.  

  8. If for some reason a student does not access a reimbursement award, the committee should be notified as soon as possible before the conference dates.

  9. Applications are due at least two months prior to the conference. Submit the application to the Office of Student Affairs, 722 West 168th Street, Suite 1014.

*Students may be awarded one conference grant per calendar year.

Application Process

  1. Download the application form (PDF) from the Mailman School website

  2. Complete the application form and gather the following supplementary materials:

  3. An official letter or email from the conference clearly confirming your authorship or contributions to the presentation/poster

  4. A conference announcement, flyer, or agenda

  5. A detailed budget proposal including any information you have about other funding sources (confirmed or potential)

  6. A copy of your presentation/poster (A copy of an abstract is also sufficient)

  7. At least two months prior to the conference, submit the application and supplementary materials in-person to cc3665 [at] (Carlos Correa) in the Office of Student Affairs, 722 West 168th Street, Suite 1014. Submission hours are Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:30–11:30 a.m. and Tuesday/Thursday from 3–4 p.m.

Award and Reimbursement

  1. If awarded, you will receive a confirmation letter with the exact amount that you will be reimbursed (see guidelines above for more information) within two weeks of the application received date.

  2. A written confirmation of your intention to use this funding is required. You will be asked to sign a confirmation form when you pick up your reimbursement packet.

  3. In the reimbursement packet, you will receive detailed information on the reimbursement process. Please keep original receipts for all items you might eventually submit for reimbursement.

  4. You must submit all information required (as outlined in the reimbursement packet) within 21 days of the last day of the conference. Submissions received after 21 days will not be funded.


Questions about the application process can be submitted to the committee by emailing cc3665 [at] (Carlos Correa), by phone at 212-342-1847, or in person in the Office of Student Affairs, 722 West 168th Street, Suite 1014.