Office of Field Practice

All Master of Public Health (MPH) students in accredited schools of public health in the United States must complete “a planned, supervised and evaluated practice experience (as part of their) public health professional degree program.” For Mailman School students, the practicum experience lasts one full semester.

Your practicum allows you to explore your passion and gain real world skills through meaningful fieldwork. To learn to apply classroom teachings in a practical setting—and to meet the requirements set by the Council on Education in Public Health (CEPH)—all students are required to engage in a planned, supervised, and evaluated practicum placement with a qualified domestic or international organization.

The Office of Field Practice (OFP) works with all academic departments and programs to facilitate the preparation and completion of student practicums with a focus on interdisciplinary learning. Directed by Dr. Linda Cushman, associate dean of Field Practice, the OFP helps develop new domestic and international practicum sites for Master's of Public Health students, works to expand existing sites and increase student participation across departments, standardizes student scopes of work, and provides on-site logistical support for students and supervisors.

Practicum Procedures

All Mailman students are required to complete the Scope of Work (SoW) Form via the online SoW Database. The OFP team has created multiple tools to assist in this submission process, including How To guides for students, faculty, and practicum administrators. You can find all of these guides on the OFP CourseWorks website.

Several pieces are needed to complete your practicum:

  • Scope of Work (prior to practicum)
  • Practicum Completion Form (post-practicum)
  • Practicum Evaluation (post-practicum)

To Complete the Scope of Work form:

  • Fill out the form yourself
  • Submit it for IRB Review
  • Get it approved by your faculty advisor
  • Receive final review and approval from your department, as needed

*Please note that different programs have different practicum requirements. Visit the sidebar link for your program to see program-specific policies and procedures.