Rosa Perez-Maldonado, MA, EdM
Director, Office of Educational Programs
(212) 305-1166


My favorite place in New York:
“Taking a walk over the Williamsburg Bridge to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and having a delicious lunch at my favorite polish restaurant, Krolewskie Jadlo."
My favorite Mailman experience:

“Working closely with Core faculty leads, and listening to their great ideas on how to strengthen the Core Curriculum at the Core retreat."
My OEP Duties: 
  • Implement the Core curriculum and other educational programs

  • Oversee the administrative functions of the certificate curriculum

  • Manage and sustain new programs and certificates 

  • Troubleshoot and enhance adminstartive processes

  • Establish and maintain relationships with faculty, departments, and other Mailman offices

  • Support with Mailman's accreditation process

Paul McCullough
Program Coordinator
(212) 305-9504


My favorite place in New York:
“I enjoy visiting Lincoln Center. I've had wonderful experiences there and the architechture is always a pleasure to look at. Another spot that I frequent is Gotham West Market in Hell's Kitchen. It's an amazing venue that houses several restaurants."
My favorite Mailman experience:
“Assisting with commencement. Every year the Mailman community comes together to send off our graduating class, and it serves as a reminder as to why we work so hard."

My OEP Duties: 

  • Administrative lead for Integrated Science and Practice (ISP) and Leadership Development

  • Facilitate Teaching Assistants hiring and onboarding process

  • Oversee program budgets

  • Office representative for the school's Curriculum Committee

  • Oversee course scheduling

  • Request and reserve classroom space

  • Maintain Course Directory

Lauren Westley, MPH
Program Coordinator, Core Lead
(212) 342-5294


My favorite place in New York:
“I love people and dog watching in Central Park. It is such a great place to relax and forget the bustle of the city.” 
My favorite Mailman experience:
“Listening to Public Health experts speak at Grand Rounds”

My OEP Duties: 

  • Supervise Core lead Teaching Assistants

  • Facilitate Teaching Assistant recruitment and training process

  • Coordinate Core teaching assistant selection and training

  • Manage Core assessment logistics and distribution

  • Provide Core faculty with logistical classroom support

  • Facilitate Certified Public Health exam voucher distribution


Troy Hoffman, MPA
Program Coordinator, Certificate Lead
(212) 304-5233

Things About Me:

My favorite place in New York:
“The sight of Times Square during the early evenings."
My favorite Mailman experience:
“Preparing for the Certificate Retreat. I really enjoyed participating in the data collection process and formulating a statistical story, which eventually led to an action plan for improvement."


  • Manage and update Certificate data

  • Coordinate Certificate Open Enrollment Period

  • Provide administrative support to the Certificate Leads and Liaisons

  • Assist with Examsoft Troubleshooting

  • Support Teaching Assistant recruitment and training process

  • Manage the content on the Mailman website

  • Manage EchoRecordings


Leah Hooper, MST
Senior Director of Educational Initiatives

Allen Rosenfield Builiding, 1107C
722 W. 168th Street
New York, NY 10032

Things About Me:

My favorite place in New York:
“Fort Tryon Park. In the bustling environment of New York City, such a quiet and natural setting is a rare thing indeed! I love taking in the views of the city and enjoying a summery lunch at the New Leaf Cafe."
My favorite Mailman experience:
“Developing new approaches to teaching, from the Integration of Science and Practice's case-based teaching methods to our upcoming online degree programs."

My OEP Duties: 

  • Provide guidance on evidence-based curricular design, instructional practice, assessment, and evaluation.

  • Develop and lead faclty workshops

  • Consult with school leadership on best practices in teaching and learning

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