Dr. Y. Claire WangY. Claire Wang, MD, ScD, focuses on the health and economic consequences of the obesity epidemic as well as policy and environmental approaches to promote healthy eating. She developed the “energy gap” metric and the Caloric Calculator tool to rank various population-wide strategies and policies on their potential impact in reducing obesity in children and adolescents.

Dr. Wang's featured publications:

•  Closing the Energy Gap to Reduce Childhood Obesity
•  The Cost of Obesity
•  The Impact of Taxes on Sugary Beverages

Andrew Rundle, DrPH, is an epidemiologist whose research focuses on neighborhood and social level determinants of sedentary lifestyles, diet and obesity and, in turn, the cancer related consequences of inactivity and obesity.  He co-directs the Built Environment and Health Research Group, a multi-disciplinary team of investigators that use urban-informatics, geographic information systems and remote sensing tools to study how neighborhood built and social environments influence health.  He collaborates closely with scientists and policy makers in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Dr. Rundle's featured publications:

•  Obesity and Future Prostate Cancer Risk
•  Prenatal Exposure to Air Pollution and Childhood Obesity
•  Neighborhood Food Environment and Obesity in New York City

Rachel Shelton, ScD, MPH, is a social and behavioral researcher whose research examines social and cultural influences on preventive health behaviors (e.g. physical activity), with a focus on understanding racial/ethnic and socioeconomic health disparities. The goal of this research is to inform the development and dissemination of interventions to reduce the risk of obesity and cancer.

Dr. Shelton's featured publications:

•  Racial Discrimination and Physical Activity
•  Discrimination and BMI
•  Social Context and Physical Activity

Shakira Suglia, ScD, examines how social stressors experienced during childhood and adolescence influence weight status. She is currently working with the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health examining the impact of changing weight status across the life course and development of hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. She is also exploring how the relation between certain health behaviors, such as sleep quantity, affect weight status differentially by gender. 

Dr. Suglia's featured publications:

•  Cumulative Social Risk and Childhood Obesity
•  Social and Behavioral Risk Factors for Obesity in Early Childhood
•  Soda and Behavioral Problems in Five-Year-Olds
•  Adolescent Obesity and Hypertension

Jeff Goldsmith, PhD, has focused on physical activity measurement and quantification, particularly through the use of accelerometry and wearable computing devices. He has developed and deployed statistical methods for identifying physical activity patterns, relating subject characteristics (like age and gender) to physical activity, and exploring associations between activity and health outcomes.

Dr. Goldsmith's featured publications:

•  Aging Effects on Daily Sedentary Behavior
•  Assessing the "Physical Cliff"
•  Don't Trust Calorie Counters

Senior Advisors

Jeremiah A. Barondess, MD
Sally D. Findley, PhD
Heather Greenlee, PhD, MPH
Bruce G. Link, PhD, MS
Michael Rosenbaum, MD
Renee Wilson-Simmons, DrPH
Matthew Neidell, PhD
Gretchen Van Wye, PhD, MA

Other Mailman Experts

Ken Cheung, PhD
Ryan Demmer, PhD
Miriam Laugesen, PhD
Gina Lovasi, PhD
Melanie Wall, PhD