The Application of Embedding Implementation Science to Developing Community-Based Primary Health Care in Ghana

11:30 am
12:45 pm
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Conference Room B2
James Phillips, PhD
James Phillips, Professor of Population and Family Health
Seminar Series
The Heilbrunn Department of Population and Family Health
Open to the Columbia Community
Successful experiments for developing community-based health services often end without contributing to reform of large-scale program implementation. In Ghana, however, national implementation of community-based primary health care program policy formation and action has been grounded in a continuous process of evidence-based planning. Termed “embedded science,” health systems research is designed to foster large-scale utilization of results for policy and action. By providing insights into practical actions that can improve functioning, results from embedded research function as a component of program management rather than something that researchers are challenged to hand over to policy makers and managers at the end of a project. The Ghana example illustrates the value of embedding research into the program development process, but also the pitfalls and challenges of the embedded science paradigm.


Leinne Ramirez-Tamarez