Digital Signage

The digital signs in the lobby of the Allan Rosenfield Building (722 W.168th St.) are easy to create and a great way to publicize Mailman School, CUMC, and Columbia University events. Below are some basic tips, templates, and guidelines for these electronic posters.

Is my event suitable for posting?

  • Yes, if it is open to a wide audience and sponsored or co-sponsored by a Mailman School, CUMC, or CU department, center, or office.
  • No, if it is by-invitation-only, a course, or an event at an institution outside Columbia. 

What are the technical specifications for the e-posters?

  • Format: JPEG or PowerPoint
  • Size: 1080 (pixels wide) x 1920 (pixels high)
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Color: RGB

Two easy-to-use PowerPoint templates are available. These files have been formatted to the exact size and orientation required with fields for suggested content.

Tips for creating an effective sign

  • Clear, simple designs and text work best.
  • Minimize the use of bold copy to the most basic elements, for example, the title, speaker name and date.
  • Remember the signs rotate every 10 seconds. It is best to keep descriptions short.
  • Include the sponsors and co-sponsors.
  • Avoid thin or diagonal lines which will appear pixilated.

File Submission

Email your JPEG or PPT sign to one of the following:

  • For School-wide audiences: submit all files and questions to mailman-signage [at]
  • Students or student groups: visit the Digital Signage Guidelines to submit all files and questions. 

Signs are updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For Tuesday updates submissions should be made by 2pm on Friday and for Thursday updates submissions should be made by 2pm on Tuesday.

Additional Ways to Promote an Event

  • Submit your event to the Mailman School’s calendar. Events submitted to the calendar by the Event Transmission deadline (noon on the Thursday prior to the week in which your event falls) will be considered for social media promotion and included in the email, which lists events for the upcoming week (Monday to Monday). If you would like an event that is on the Mailman School calendar to be promoted on the CU/CUMC calendars, contact mailmancomm [at] (subject: event%20for%20the%20CU%2FCUMC%20calendars)
  • Announce your event on CUMC's digital signage

Please note

  • The School reserves the right to make decisions about what is and is not appropriate for posting and when a posting will appear in the announcement rotation.
  • Each announcement will appear on the screen for 10 seconds. The School reserves the right to adjust the appearance time based on the number of announcements in the rotation.
  • Posters on easels are not permitted in the lobby.