Charged with telling the story of the Mailman School and raising awareness of public health among general audiences, the Office of Communications promotes the scientific, public policy, and service initiatives that comprise the core of Mailman School activities. Supported by an integrated communications and marketing portfolio that incorporates digital communication, video, print and broadcast media, merchandise, internal and executive communications, and other tools, the Communications Department is a resource for the entire academic community.

Learn more about branding, signage, and social media guidelines in our Toolkit

Contact Us

Stephanie Berger
Director of Communications/Media Relations
Phone: 212-305-4372
Email: sb2247 [at]

Diana Gazzia
Designer, Print and Digital
Phone: 212-342-4450
Email: dg2857 [at]

John LaDuca
Senior Director, Digital Strategy
Phone: 212-305-3019
Email: jl4501 [at]

Sheraye L. Niland
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 212-342-0170
Email: sln2126 [at]

Maria O'Brien
Senior Director of Communications (Interim)
Senior Director of Special Projects, Dean's Office
Phone: 212-305-0449
Email: mag177 [at]

Timothy S. Paul
Editorial Director
Phone: 212-305-2676
Email: tp2111 [at]

Suzanne Shrekgast
Digital Strategist
Email: ss5461 [at]

Anne Foulke Toner 
Associate Director, Social Media and Internal Communications 
Phone: 212-342-5312 
Email: af2231 [at]