Public Health Scholars

Anum Lailani '17 - Epidemiology

“When I found out that I had received the Fund for Public Health Leadership scholarship, I could not contain my excitement.  Prior to enrolling, I worked for the Alzheimer’s Association in Dallas, TX, and saw first-hand the unmet need in Alzheimer’s policy and research. This impelled me to study public health, and Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health was my first choice.  The moving and living expenses were daunting, but I believe there is no better place to learn and participate in the discussion of critical public health issues.  The scholarship covered those expenses and lessened my loan burden, allowing me to focus on my studies with less stress.  After graduation, I plan on working in outcomes research focused on chronic disease. I hope to investigate disease intervention and prevention strategies, and use those results to influence health policies.”


Ariel Chernofsky '17 - Biostatistics 

Throughout my education, I was always fascinated by Mathematics. As I progressed in my formal education, mathematics became increasingly more theoretical. While I enjoyed the theory, I wanted a career where I could apply mathematical theory in an interesting and meaningful field. My search brought me to biostatistics. Biostatistics is the application of statistics to the biomedical sciences. Mailman's masters of science program in biostatistics provides a balanced curriculum in both the theoretical aspects of statistics as well as its applications to medicine and public health research. With the help of the public health leadership scholarship, I am receiving the training I need to improve public health utilizing my quantitative skills. 


Ashley Geczik '17 - Epidemiology

I have always been fascinated by disease – not the immediacy of treating the individual, but the long-term causes of disease among populations.  Coming to Mailman has put me one step closer to my eventual goal of working in academic research, focusing on cancer or cardiovascular issues.  

Receiving a scholarship took a huge load off my shoulders.  I am financing my education myself, with the help of a lot of loans.  Alumni support means that I can focus on my studies with less stress, and focus on my classes without juggling a full time job.  The support is particularly meaningful to me, because I know it comes from alumni who are investing in my success.  I look forward to the day that I can help another student the way so many grads have helped me.


Koma Ogaye '17 - Population and Family Health

“I am beyond excited to be in graduate school because I am developing the skills to work in the public sector. My first-hand experience with health-disparity, having been raised in a community suffering from health illiteracy, sparked my public health interest, and a calling to serve the community. 

I am receiving the training I need to increase health literacy in underserved populations, to allow individuals to make conscious and educated decisions about their well-being.  Receiving this scholarship has meant that I can focus on gaining the skills and knowledge needed to confront complex health issues – alumni support is helping me to make my dream into a reality” 


Tetiana Allen '17 - Healthcare Administration

I am honored to receive the Public Health Leadership Scholarship and am grateful for the opportunities it will provide.

 With the help of this scholarship, my chances of success have increased. In fact, because of the reduced financial burden I carry due to your support, I have decreased my work hours and am able to devote more time to studying. Receiving this scholarship also inspired me to give back to the community, and I hope that in the future I will be able to help others who serve and are pursuing education in the field of public health.