Columbia Population Health Partnership

The world needs systems that build health for longer lives at lower cost. And the Mailman School is tackling this challenge in four ways:

Focusing on prevention
The Global Research Analytics for Population Health (GRAPH) at the Mailman School uses research on disease, disability, and death to identify the prevention efforts that produce the most health for the lowest cost. GRAPH's ability to leverage big data, draw on a wealth of faculty expertise, and create innovative analytic approaches to understand the drivers of health and evaluate return on investment is unparalleled.

Utilizing big data
The world is awash in large data sets, and finding meaning in this data new methods of analysis and application. The School plans to build the leading Center for Big Data for Health as a resource for Columbia University Medical Center and partners worldwide.

Advancing education
By investing in existing doctoral programs and a new master’s degree for future ministers of health and others—and providing financial aid for both—the School will train future leaders in cutting edge health systems science. And through leadership briefings and targeted education for senior leaders in all sectors, the School will strengthen a vital pipeline of public health experts who know how to solve problems. 

Putting insights into action
Even the most elegant solutions are only as good as their implementation. The Mailman School partners with a wide range of organizations to build innovative analytic capabilities and develop new educational offerings to prepare professionals to design health systems that optimize health at lower cost. 

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For more information about supporting the Columbia Population Health Partnership, including opportunities to endow the partnership and its associated professorships, fellowships, and scholarships, please contact:

Sebastian Fries
Executive Director
Columbia Population Health Partnership
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