The Consultation Service is provided in partnership with the Design and Biostatistics Resource (DBR) of the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICCTR), Columbia University’s CTSA.

After the completion of an online request, the requestor meets with a faculty member from the Department of Biostatistics, a Masters level statistician, and possibly one or more biostatistics graduate students for an initial visit, which should last no more than an hour. This is typically enough time to understand the scope of the research or request, and define next steps.

After the initial visit, “behind the scenes” work might include a class of deliverables such as: the computation of simple power analyses, effect size calculation, or sample size calculations; written advice on experimental designs; comments on the appropriateness of proposed analytic models; or written advice on proper analytic models.

The consult would conclude with either a second face to face follow-up visit to discuss results, or an email with a detailed explanation of results for simpler tasks.

Because this service is funded by the ICCTR and the Department of Biostatistics, it is provided at no cost to the faculty at CUMC, but this service is not available to students. Applicants must have a valid CU ID and an e-commons name.  

Submit a request (faculty only).

Director: Shing Lee, PhD
Co-Director: Cody Chiuzan, PhD
Staff: Jimmy Duong, and Vivian Zhang