Fall 2020 Deadlines 

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Master's Degree Deadlines

December 1st: Priority Deadline*

January 15th: Final Deadline

Programs Include:

1. MPH: Full-Time, Accelerated, and Dual

2. MS: Biostatistics and Sociomedical Sciences 

3. MHA: Full-Time

*The difference between these deadlines relates to scholarships. We cannot guarante remaining availability of funding for consideration after Dec 1st.



Program Includes:

1. MS in Patient Oriented Research

2. MS in Population and Family Health

3. MS in Clinical Research Methods 



Programs Include:

1. MPH in General Public Health

2. Executive MHA/MPH

3. Part-Time MHA

4. Executive MS in Epidemiology

5. MS in Epidemiology 

6. MS in Toxicology


Doctoral Degree Deadlines

December 1st

Programs Include:

1. DrPH: All Applicable Departments 

2. PhD: All Applicable Departments 

Readmit Deadlines

July 31st for September*

November 15th for January*

*Readmit denotes students previously enrolleld at the School who took a leave of absense. Please fill out the Mailman Re-Admit Application


Non-Degree Deadlines

July 31st for September *

November 15th for January *

January 31st for May *

Programs Include:

1. Non-Degree 

*To apply for a non-degree program, please fill out the Mailman Non-Degree Application