Research in Action

Risk Assessment in Action

Adjunct Instructor Michael Musso (MPH ‘07) participated in the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) annual meeting in Denver last December. The SRA is a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, scholarly, international society that provides an open forum for members from academia, government, industry, consulting, and non-governmental organizations interested in risk analysis. 

He taught a full-day workshop on December 7 entitled, “Fundamentals of Risk Assessment & Toxicology at Contaminated Sites”, which provided an overview of the 4 Step process of Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) utilized to evaluate chemical contamination at hazardous waste sites, Brownfields, and other types of settings. The workshop also discussed environmental regulatory frameworks (e.g., Federal, State agencies) into which HHRA is integrated for decision-making and case studies regarding hazardous waste sites, contaminated media, and exposure settings relevant to human health. 

During the conference, he exhibited 2 posters that describe his work in the field: Wireless Telecommunications Facilities - Risk Assessment, Perception, and Communication and Chemical Contamination at School and at Play - Challenges for Assessing and Communicating Risks.