Certificate Program

The Columbia MPH certificate programs provides training in a second, more focused area of expertise beyond the primary discipline, and lead to a New York State-recognized credential. The School now offers over 20 Certificate programs, developed in consultation with employers of public health professionals and other key stakeholders and reflecting today’s most sought-after skills and knowledge.

Many of the certificates focus on interdisciplinary topics such as global health, chronic disease, aging and the life course, health management, and public health research methods. Other options offer deeper training within a discipline, for example, advanced epidemiology, toxicology, policy analysis, and applied biostatistics.

Students may apply to a certificate program when they apply to the School or midway through the first semester. Applicants can indicate one degree and department choice and a first and second certificate choice. Prerequisites for certificate programs vary. Coursework takes place primarily in semesters three and four, though some elect to begin work in the second semester. Certificate faculty host brown bag lunches throughout the year to create a shared experience and encourage informal discussion and inquiry into the topic.