Sociomedical Sciences

The Sociomedical Sciences PhD program is interdisciplinary, with study divided between the Mailman School of Public Health and one of several departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Anthropology, History, Psychology, or Sociology). The PhD is designed for individuals who wish to combine training in history or in a social or behavioral science discipline with research on questions significant to public health and medicine.

Students do research that advances knowledge in their discipline of choice while also answering questions central to public health. This includes applying social science theory and methods to the study of social factors related to health status and healthcare needs, exploring the social structure of healthcare delivery systems, and analyzing the relation between these systems and the populations they are designed to serve.

The department awards a number of fellowships to recognize academic achievement and support future scholarly success. As research experience is considered an important aspect of graduate training, most fellowships and assistantships involve some form of research apprenticeship.

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