The total cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, books, room and board, and personal expenses. Click here for 2016-2017 tuition costs. (See also MS and Doctoral Tuition and Costs.)

The tuition fee for the MPH programs listed below covers the fall and spring semesters. Some programs have caps on the number of points taken per semester, and classes taken during the summer 2016 session will be charged $1,624 per point. For more information, please visit the Tuition and Credit Limit Policy of our Student handbook.

Program Fees


Fall 2016

Spring 2017

Student Activity Fee 
Helps cover the cost of student events and activities and supports student organizations



Health Service Fee
Charged to all full-time students to cover use of the campus health service clinic.



​Aetna Health Insurance Premium**



One Time Transcript Fee (new students only)



International Students and Scholars Fee



Executive MHA/MPH Program Fee

$1,750 (new students)

$1,500 (continuing students) 

$1,750 (new students)

$1,500 (continuing students) 

HPM Program Fee



Computer Fee



Additional Costs



Living Expenses (room and board for two semesters)




Personal Expenses


Billing and Payment Options

Payment for the semester is due by the end of the official Change of Program period. Student account payments should be made online via the secure E-Billing website. For additional billing information and payment options please visit Payment Options.


* Epidemiology Global Health students' first year summer course is included in flat rate tuition.
* Health Insurance: Although charges are applied per semester to match financial aid awards, the Aetna insurance and SHS contract are for the entire contract policy (12 months from August 17, 2016 to August 16, 2017). A change in status (from full time to part time or taking a leave) will not release students from spring charges. Students covered by comparable medical insurance of their own may elect to waive this fee. Waiver forms can be found on the Student Health Service website.

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