Sexual Health Initiative to Foster Transformation

SHIFT is a comprehensive research project that will examine the individual, interpersonal, and structural factors that shape sexual health and misconduct for undergraduates.

Vaccine Refusal (And What to Do About It)

For more than 100 years, public health has struggled with ways to boost vaccination rates, ranging from fines and quarantines to publicity stunts.

Faculty Spotlight

Diana Hernández studies housing, energy, health, and equity with emphasis on policies and structural changes.

Is Global Progress Against HIV Lost in Translation?

As the world cheers rapid progress toward ambitious goals in sub-Saharan Africa, experts look at why the United States lags behind.

Faculty Spotlight

James Colgrove researches the history of public health and the social, political, and legal processes in public health policies.

When Pornography Uses Condoms, Those Watching Have Safer Sex

Study suggests porn plays a positive role in encouraging condom use among men who have sex with men.