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We are Recruiting New Epidemiology Faculty

We are recruiting multiple tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track faculty members.  The Department has nearly a century of history and a dynamic faculty with core strengths in a multitude of public health and biomedical areas. A new chair and faculty have recently bolstered the department’s vision and opportunity for growth. We are particularly interested in highly motivated investigators with the methodologic and interpersonal skills to lead and sustain diverse scientific teams and produce new interdisciplinary connections, knowledge, and impact beyond those within the department, the school, and Columbia University. Candidates with experience conducting community and clinical intervention trials as well as implementation science are encouraged to apply. Diversity and inclusion are an overt part of the department and are key components in all our hiring decisions. Enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring a new generation of scientists and practitioners of epidemiology will also be seen as highly advantageous for prospective candidates.  Please email Vasiliki Korikis at vk2117 [at] for more information or to apply.

Our Work in the News

Our more than 150 faculty members publish nearly 1,000 scholarly articles each year, and we value the broad dissemination of their work. Communicating research helps ensure epidemiological discoveries are used to improve health. To review a subset of recent articles published by our faculty that have garnered significant media attention, please see Our Work in the News.

Our Conferences and Publications

The department also hosts various events including, Columbia University Epidemiology Grand Rounds (CUEGR)department seminars, and other special events. For details, view the department calendar. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular content, publications, and updates from the department!