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Safety and Security

The U.S. Department of State/Office of American Services and Crisis Management (ACS) maintains a website of travel warnings, tips for traveling abroad, a list of U.S. embassies by country, and consular information sheets. They recommend registering with your embassy when traveling/living abroad. Check the website for online registration for your particular travel itinerary.

ACS can be helpful to Americans traveling or residing abroad who encounter unforeseen circumstances. They assist in a variety of emergent and non-emergent circumstances and maintain websites with up-to-date information of vital interest to the traveling public. ACS’s mission is to support the work of American embassies and consulates in providing emergency services in cases of arrest, crime victimization, temporary financial assistance, identity, passport, citizenship, registration, judicial assistance, welfare-and-whereabouts cases, wire transfers of money, and other emergent situations. ACS also administers the program that issues travel warnings and information on conditions abroad that may affect the safety and security of traveling Americans, and has 24-hour crisis response teams capable of mobilizing to respond to natural or man-made disasters.