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Zeil Rosenberg

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Population and Family Health

Dr. Zeil Rosenberg is a physician-executive with expertise in immunization programs and vaccines, immunotherapeutics, medical devices, infectious diseases and disaster preparedness. He currently serves as Managing Director at BioVance Medical LLC, provides strategic advisory services to life sciences companies. He served as CEO of Immuron LLC, a biopharmaceuticals company developing antibodies to address infectious and chronic diseases (pediatric diarrheal diseases, influenza, HIV/AIDS ) . Prior to that, Dr. Rosenberg served as Worldwide Business Leader and Medical Director at Becton Dickinson & Co.(BD) where he was responsible for new vaccine delivery technologies to improve immunization programs worldwide. Prior to that, Dr. Rosenberg was Director, Family Health in the NY State Health Department; Director, National Programs at the Children's Health Fund; National Immunization Advisor for the Ministry of Health, Indonesia; AAAS Science and Diplomacy Fellow at USAID in Washington, DC. serving as Chief Technical Officer for its global immunization initiative. Dr Rosenberg has a long history of collaboration with a wide range of international non-governmental health organizations.
Education & Training:

    MPH, 1985,

    MD, 1982, UCSF

    BA, 1978, Stanford University


University Affiliations:

  • School of Engineering  Senior Capstone Project Judge
  • School of International and Public Affairs (SIAP)  International Fellows Program Alumni

Additional Affiliations:

  • Specialty Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Fellow, American College of Preventive Medicine
  • Fellow, NY Academy of Medicine
  • Former Chairperson, ACPM Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness Commitee
  • Member and former Treasurer, Global Health Council
New York City
    Community Based Immunization
    Working with a variety of communities having low immunization rates at the time of a citywide epidemic of measles, a mass immunization program tailored to the community was successfully executed and was subsequently evaluated by a Columbia SPH epidemiological team of experts.

    Mobile Primary Care Pediatrics Projects
    Previously, as Medical Director at the Children’s Health Fund, I was engaged in bringing model mobile primary health care services, backed by major academic medical centers, to 13 distinct and vulnerable communities nationwide that lacked healthcare access. This included work through Montefiore Medical Center to serve marginalized populations in the South Bronx.

    Primary Care Access for Homeless Children and Families
    As Medical Director in the New York City Department of Health responsible for the healthcare services available to all homeless children residing in the NYC shelter system, the largest such system in the US, I managed a team of community health nurses to provide preventive health services, epidemic control, immunization tracking, and meet environmental health needs.

    Use of medical foods to reduce malnutrition
    We develop food-grade polypeptide products against “environmental enteropathy” in developing countries. These formulations preserve gastrointestinal integrity despite exposure to bacteria in water and surroundings. We desire to break the vicious cycle of malnutrition, immune deficits and infectious diarrheal disease by testing these products, developing private sector-based supply models to reach those at the Bottom-of-the Pyramid (BoP).

    Medical Technology and Social Enterprise to Prevent Maternal Deaths
    I advise a Columbia Engineering School, award winning spin-out company to commercialize a low-cost, easy to use medical device to prevent maternal death from post-partum hemorrhage developing countries. The group won the 2012 Capstone Project competition. www.jibonhealth.com

    Medical Devices
    Having brought 4 separate medical device platforms from concept to wide scale commercial use I am often engaged in technology assessment and due diligence for a wide range of devices. These are often being developed and tested in Europe, Israel, Australia and in developing and middle income countries and am always eager to review and support another new product with high potential health impact.

Selected Publications:
  • Rosenberg Z Translational Challenges: From Immunology to Public Health Foundation Merieux. Annecy, France Conference on Innate and Adaptive Immunity After Transcutaneous or Mucosal Vaccination 2004
  • Rosenberg Z, Fuerst,O, Pripstein L Use of Mobile, Advanced Clinical Information System to Address Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Atlanta US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2004
  • Rosenberg Z Alternative Immunization Delivery Technologies Crystal City,VA National Foundation for Infectious Diseases 1999
  • Lonsari R and Rosenberg Z Tetanus toxoid immunization of prospective brides in Central Java, Indonesia Health Policy and Planning 4:3 235-38 1989
  • Rosenberg Z, Findley S, McPhillips S, et.al Community based strategies for immunizing the "Hard-to-Reach" Child. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 11 :(suppl 1) 14-20 1995
  • Rosenberg Z Medical Technologies for Biodefense Vaccine Development and Agent Detection Washington,DC Biodefense Vaccines, Therapeutics and Diagnostics Conference 2004

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