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Steven D. Stellman

Professor of Clinical of Epidemiology

Steven Stellman's research interests include studies of World Trade Center disaster survivors, tobacco-related cancers, environmental factors in breast cancer, Vietnam veterans, and use of geographic information systems for exposure assessment. He is a former Chair of the Curriculum Committee in the Department of Epidemiology.
Education & Training:

    MPH, 1992, Columbia University

    PhD, 1971, New York University

    BSc, 1966, Ohio State University

Honors and Awards:
  • Distinguished Service Medal, The American Legion, 2003
  • NIH Fogarty Senior International Fellow, 1992
  • Selected Editorial Boards

    • Associate Editor, Women & Health
    • Associate Editor, Preventive Medicine
    • Editorial Board, BMC Cancer
New York City
    World Trade Center Health Registry - NYC Department of Health and Menatl Hygiene
    Dr. Stellman is Research Director for The World Trade Center Health Registry, a cohort study of over 71,000 community residents, office workers, rescue and recovery workers, and other individuals directly exposed to the collapse and aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The original cohort was interviewed in 2003-04. Re-surveys in 2007-08 and 2011-12 have provided health updates and linkage to the National Death Index and state cancer registries are used to determine mortality and cancer incidence. The Registry has been the source of numerous publications and much of the Registry data are open to the public on-line.

    The Dessoff Choirs Project URL: http://www.dessoff.org

    Dr. Stellman is a Board member and past Treasurer of The Dessoff Choirs, an avocational choral organization. See www.dessoff.org for concert schedule and tickets.

Selected Publications:
  • Brackbill RM, Cone JE, Farfel MR, Stellman SD. Chronic physical and mental health consequences of being injured during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Amer J Epidemiol 2014;179(9):1076-1085.
  • Ghuman S, Brackbill RM, Stellman SD, Farfel MR, Cone JE. Unmet mental health care need 10-11 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks: results from 2011-2012 World Trade Center Health Registry. BMC Public Health 2014; 14(1):491.
  • Stellman SD, Thomas PA, Osahan S, Brackbill RM, Farfel MR. Respiratory Health of 985 Children Exposed to the World Trade Center disaster: Report on World Trade Center Health Registry Wave 2 follow-up, 2007-2008. J Asthma 2013; 50(4):354-363.
  • Li J, Cone JE, Kahn AR, Brackbill RM, Farfel MR, Greene CM, Hadler JL, Stayner LT, Stellman SD. Association Between World Trade Center Exposure and Excess Cancer Risk, 2003-2008. JAMA 2012; 308(23): 2479-2488.
  • Stellman SD On being first in epidemiology Prev Med 55 181-2 2012.
  • Muscat JE, Ahn K, Richie JP Jr., Stellman SD Nicotine dependence phenotype and lung cancer risk Cancer 117 5370-6 2011
  • Caraballo RS, Holiday DB, Stellman SD et al. Comparison of Serum Cotinine Concentration within and across Smokers of Menthol and Nonmenthol Cigarette Brands among Non-Hispanic Black and Non-Hispanic White U.S. Adult Smokers, 2001-2006 Cancer Epidemiol Biomark Prev 20 1329-40 2011
  • Stellman, S and Djordjevic, M Monitoring the tobacco use epidemic. II: The Agent: current and emerging tobacco products. Preventive Medicine 48 S11-S15 2009
  • Stellman SD, Chen Y, Muscat JE, et al. Lung cancer risk in white and black Americans. Ann Epidemiol 2003;13:294-302.
  • Stellman JM, Stellman SD, Christian R, Weber T, Tomasallo T: The extent and patterns of usage of Agent Orange and other herbicides in Vietnam Nature 422 681-687 2003

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