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Robyn R. Gershon

Professor Emerita Clinical of Sociomedical Sciences (in Nursing)

Dr. Robyn Gershon is an occupational and environmental health and safety researcher with over 15 years of experience in conducting complex interdisciplinary public health research studies. She has her primary appointment in the Mailman School of Public Health, with a joint appointment at the Columbia University School of Nursing. Prior to her doctoral training, Dr. Gershon served for several years as the director of Biological Safety at Yale University. Her research interests are generally focused on high risk, high stress, work populations. She has conducted a number of applied research studies, including risk assessment studies as well as intervention studies. Her current research projects include the following topics: subway noise exposure, occupational health hazards associated with home health care delivery, emergency preparedness for emergency medical services, avian influenza preparedness, and willingness of essential personnel to report to duty during a pandemic. Dr. Gershon recently completed a project entitled, the World Trade Center Evacuation Study, that identified the individual, organizational, and structural factors associated with the evacuation from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. She is the Course Director for the Social and Policy Implications of Bioterrorism and other Weapons of Mass Destruction course, taught in the fall, and Co-director for the University Seminar in Occupational Health.
Education & Training:

    DrPH, 1990, BSPH Johns Hopkins University

    MS, 1981, Quinnipiac University

    BS, 1976, Quinnipiac University


Mailman School Affiliations:

  • Center for Public Health Preparedness
  • National Center for Disaster Preparedness

University Affiliations:

  • Center for Health Policy, Nursing School  

Additional Affiliations:

  • The New York Academy of Medicine, Fellow
  • International Society for Urban Health, Member
  • American Public Health Association, Member
  • Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, Fellow
  • American Biological Safety Association, Member
  • National Association for Public Health Policy, Member
Honors and Awards:
  • Kellogg Fellowship, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 1987-1990
  • Delta Omega Honorary (Public Health) Society, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 1997
  • Fellow, Society for Healthcare Epidemiology, 2004-present
  • Recipient, Annual International Sharps Injury Prevention Award, 2005
  • Davis Lectureship, University of Chicago, Center for Health Administration Studies, 2005
  • Selected Editorial Boards

    • Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 2007
    • Critical Care Medicine, 2006
    • Nursing Research, 2006
Selected Publications:
  • Gershon, RMM., Rubin, M., Qureshi,K., Canton, A., Matzner, F. Participatory Acton Research Methodology in Disaster Research: Results from the World Trade Center Evacuation Study Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 2(3): 142-149, 2008
  • Gershon, RMM., Pogorzelska, M., Qureshi, K., Sherman, M. Home health care registered nurses and the risk of percutaneous injuries: A pilot study American Journal of Infection Control 36(3) 165-172 2008
  • Gershon RRM, Qureshi KA, Stone PW, Pogorzelska M, Ashman C, Silver A, Damsky M, Burdette C, Gebbie KM, Raveis VH Home health care challenges and avian influenza Home Health Care Management and Practice 20 58-69 2007
  • Qureshi KA, Gershon RRM, Smailes E, Raveis V, Murphy B, Matzner F, Fleischman A A Roadmap for the Protection of Disaster Research Participants: Findings from the WTC Evacuation Study Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 22 (6) 486-493 2007
  • Gershon RRM, Vlahov D, Felknor SA, Vesley D, Johnson PC, Declos GL, Murphy LR Compliance with universal precautions among healthcare workers at three regional hospitals American Journal of Infection Control 23 225-236 1995
  • Gershon RRM, Qureshi KA, Barrera MA, Erwin MJ, Goldsmith F Health and safety hazards associated with subways: A review Journal of Urban Health 82 10-20 2005
  • Gershon RRM, Qureshi KM, Rubin MS, Raveis VH Factors Associated with High-Rise Evacuation: Qualitative Results from the World Trade Center Evacuation Study Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 22(3) 165-173 2007
  • Gershon RRM, Neitzel R, Barrera M, Akram M Pilot survey of subway and bus stop noise levels Journal of Urban Health 83(5) 802-812 2006
  • Gershon RRM, Sherman MF, Mitchell C, Vlahov D, Erwin M, Lears MK, Felknor S, Lubelczyk RA, Alter M Prevalence and Risk Factors for bloodborne exposure and infection in correctional healthcare workers Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 28(1) 24-30 2007
  • Gershon RRM, Stone PW, Bakken S, Larson E Measurement of organizational culture and climate in healthcare Journal of Nursing Administration 34(1): 33-40 2004

Contact Information


722 West 168th Street, 10th floor

New York, NY 10032