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Renee D. Goodwin

Adjunct Associate Professor of Epidemiology

Dr. Goodwin's research focuses on investigating the relationship between mental disorders and asthma in children, and to understanding the mechanisms of these links. She has published over 70 scientific papers on this and related topics. She is carrying this work forward by using understanding of potential mechanisms identified in epidemiologic studies to the development of interventions in pediatric asthma care settings for high risk inner-city children in the Bronx and other communities. Products of this research to date include evidence documenting a link between physician-diagnosed asthma and mental disorders among adults in the general population, evidence of a longitudinal association between asthma and mental disorders in children and young adults, as well as evidence that environmental exposures (e.g., childhood trauma, familial psychopathology) may play a role in this association. She collaborates on this work, as well as on investigating causes and outcomes of anxiety disorders across the lifespan, with investigators at several foreign sites including the Christchurch Health and Development Study in New Zealand, in Canada at the University of Montreal, at the Technical University in Dresden, Germany, and at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College in London, UK, as well as several sites within the US including UCSF and the University of Puerto Rico. Dr. Goodwin is the Principal Investigator of a K23 Award from NIMH. In addition to her research, Dr. Goodwin co-teaches the Field Methods in Epidemiology course with Drs. Hoven and Wu in the Fall.
Education & Training:

    MPH, 2003, Columbia University

    PhD, 1998, Northwestern University

    BS, 1993, Cornell University

  • Member, American Psychological Association
  • Student Member, APPA
New York City
    Bronx Lebanon Pediatric Asthma Center Study
    The objective of this pilot study was to examine the prevalence of psychological symptoms and related health concerns among pediatric asthma patients in an inner-city asthma clinic. Results of this study will be used to develop an intervention aimed at improving health and quality of life for inner-city youth with severe asthma and their families.

    Mental health and asthma among youth in Puerto Rico
    The objective of this study is to examine the association between asthma and anxiety disorders among youth in Puerto Rico and to investigate possible mechanisms of this relationship, including the role of environmental, behavioral, and familial risk factors.
    Countries: Puerto Rico

    Anxiety disorders in the Christchurch Health and Development Study Project URL: http://

    The objective of this study is to examine the risk factors for the onset and persistence of anxiety disorders, as well as the range of associated health and social outcomes, from birth through adulthood in a birth cohort.
    Countries: New Zealand

Selected Publications:
  • Goodwin RD, Eaton WW Asthma and suicide behavior: Results from the Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study. American Journal of Public Health in press
  • Goodwin RD, Fergusson DM, Horwood LJ Asthma and depressive and anxiety disorders: Results of a 21-year longitudinal study. Psychological Medicine in press
  • Goodwin RD, Lewinsohn PM, Seeley JR Respiratory symptoms and mental disorders among youth: Specificity and possible mechanisms. Psychosomatic Medicine 66 943-949 2004
  • Goodwin RD, Jacobi F, Thefeld W Mental disorders and asthma in the community. Archives of General Psychiatry 60 1125-1130 2003
  • Goodwin RD, Eaton WW Asthma and the risk of panic attacks. American Journal of Public Health 33 879-885 2003
  • Goodwin RD The prevalence of panic attacks 1980-1995. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 56 914-916 2003
  • Goodwin RD, Lieb R, Hoefler M, Bittner A, Beesdo K, Wittchen HU Panic attacks as a risk factor for severe psychopathology among young persons. American Journal of Psychiatry 161 2207-2214 2004
  • Goodwin RD, Fergusson DM, Horwood LJ Panic attacks and psychoticism American Journal of Psychiatry 161 88-92 2004
  • Goodwin RD, Stein MB Association between childhood trauma and physical disorders among adults in the United States. Psychological Medicine 34 509-520 2004
  • Goodwin RD, Hoven CW, Murison R, Hotopf M Childhood abuse and the risk of gastrointestinal disorders and migraine during adulthood. American Journal of Public Health 93 1065-1067 2003

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