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Katharina Janus

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management

Professor of Business School - Healthcare Management, Ulm University, Germany

Katharina Janus, PhD, MBA, is Professor of Healthcare Management at Ulm University, Germany, and the Director of the Center for Healthcare Management, an international research center at the Department of Health Policy & Management, Columbia University, New York, USA. She also heads the Care-Tank, the Center's think-tank and platform for innovation, and holds an appointment at Columbia University, New York, USA.

Prof. Janus focuses her research on the design and implementation of monetary and non-monetary incentive systems in healthcare organizations as well as on the assessment of innovative medical/management interventions and their impact on performance in various healthcare systems and organizations. As a healthcare manager in research and practice she puts a strong emphasis on managing the human side of healthcare delivery in the new age of care management formerly known as managed care. She has been the principal investigator of several international studies on physician motivation and professional culture in collaboration with the Hannover Medical School, the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University, USA. Additionally, Prof. Janus has been involved in political advisory councils and managed care projects on a national and international level. She also serves as a member of the board of Allianz health insurance, Munich, Germany.   View Faculty CV here (PDF).
Education & Training:

    PhD, 2003, Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg, Germany

    MBA, 2000, University of Hamburg, Germany, and University Pantheon-Sorbonne, Paris, France

Honors and Awards:
  • Harkness Fellow in Healthcare Policy 2006-2007
  • Rockefeller Foundation academic writing residency award 2012
  • Brocher Foundation academic residency award 2014
  • Selected Editorial Boards

    • The Open Health Services and Policy Journal
    • Advances in Healthcare Management
    Center for Healthcare Management Project URL: http://www.centerforhealthcaremanagement.org

    As a leader in healthcare management research, the Center has worked hand-in-hand with social scientists, mathematicians, political scientists, and data management experts to apply evaluation research of medical and management oriented innovations. With a unique network of leading academics and practitioners, the Center has been assessing performance of innovations, validating measurements, and implementing change with the goal of creating high-performing healthcare systems and organizations.
    Countries: Germany

Selected Publications:
  • Janus, K. (2014). The effect of professional culture on intrinsic motivation among physicians in an academic medical center, Journal of Healthcare Management 59(4): 287-304.
  • Janus, K., Brown, L.B. (2014) Physician integration revisited - An exploratory study of monetary and professional incentives in three countries, Health Policy 118: 14-23.
  • Rundall, T.G., Oberlin, S., Thygesen, B., Janus, K. (2012). Success under duress: Policies and practices managers view as keys to profitability in five California hospitals with challenging payer mix, Journal of Healthcare Management 57(2): 94-112.
  • Janus, K. (2011). Pay-for-Performance does not always pay - Risks and side effects of incentives in healthcare, Eurohealth, 17(4): 31-34.
  • Bevan, G., Janus, K. (2011). Why hasn't integrated care developed in the US and not at all in England? Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 36(1): 141-164.
  • Janus, K. (2010). Managing motivation among health care professionals, Advances in Health Care Management, 9: 47-77.
  • Glied, S.A., Janus, K. (2008). Managed Care and Public Health, in: Heggenhougen, H.K. (ed) and Carrin, G. (Economics & Finance ed.), International Encyclopedia of Public Health, 1st edition, vol. 4, New York: Elsevier: 195-202.
  • Janus, K., Amelung, V.E., Baker, L.C., Gaitanides, M., Schwartz, F.W., Rundall, T.G. (2008). Monetary and non-monetary drivers of physician job satisfaction - Insights from a cross-national comparative study, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 33(6): 1133-1167.
  • Janus, K., Brown, L.D. (2007). Medicare as incubator for innovation in payment policy, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 32(1): 293-306.
  • Janus, K., Amelung, V.E., Gaitanides, M., Schwartz, F.W. (2007). German physicians “on strike“ – Shedding light on the roots of physician dissatisfaction, Health Policy, 82: 357-365.

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