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October 2014

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Letter from the Dean

A Team Approach

In the 21st century and beyond, every sector of society must accept responsibility for population health and collaborate with the other sectors to achieve it.

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On Message

In the classroom and online, students take on the media—in all its emerging guises—to engage their intended audience.

By Alla Katsnelson

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The Best Policy

New York City Health Commissioner Mary Travis Bassett puts citizens front and center in a campaign for social justice and equity that hearkens to the Progressive Era.

By Andrea Crawford

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Prison Pandemic

More than 68 million Americans have a criminal record, putting our collective wellbeing in peril. The Mailman School puts incarceration prevention on the public health agenda.

By Sharon Tregaskis

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A Burning Question

As the debate over regulation of e-cigarettes heats up, researchers light the way with an evidence-based approach.

By Joe Miksch

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To Build a Nation

A new research initiative identifies high-impact health policies for resource-limited countries.

By Alison Fromme

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Think Big

Biostatistician DuBois Bowman applies innovative techniques to advances in neuro-imaging for insights into addiction, schizophrenia, and Parkinson’s Disease.

by Tim Paul

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Innovations - Top Dollar | Community Check-Up | Talking Points | Hike the Heights | Masters of the (Healthcare) Universe | Investing in Prevention | Life Lessons

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Data Points - In With the Good Air | Independent Agents | Hate Kills | Immune Response | Big Data | Viral Vector | Soda Studies | Water Woes | PTSD | Aging, Delayed | Counseling Conundrum

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Faculty, Student & Alumni News – Kirby Bumpus | Josh Kriger | Regina Santella | Class of  '14 | Student Award Winners | Kathleen Crowley | Sten Vermund 

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EDITOR IN CHIEF - Sharon Tregaskis | ASSOCIATE EDITOR – Tim Paul | ART DIRECTOR - Diana Gazzia | COPY EDITOR – Kenneth Selvester | WRITERS – Sean Campbell, Elaine Meyer