MPH Program for Students Entering By Fall 2011*

Global Health

The Global Health Track (GHT) in Environmental Health Sciences is designed for students with backgrounds in the natural sciences who intend to work in an international context with populations originating in less-industrialized societies. The track provides students with exposure to the sociological, anthropological, and political context of health in these regions while providing skills necessary to conduct work on environmental issues such as measurement of water and airborne particles, nutrition, toxicology, and genetic susceptibility to effects of environmental exposures.

In addition to their classroom work, students will carry out a 6-month practicum in the field. The work done during this practicum is expected to culminate in the Master’s Essay.

The skills obtained through the track enable graduates to work on environmental health projects in global health within governmental and non-governmental organizations, academia, and private industry.

Although not required, it is recommended that applicants have at least 1-2 years of international, professional and/or research experience.

For questions from prospective applicants about the EHS Global Health Track, please contact Dr. Joseph Graziano.

For additional information please visit the Global Health Track home.

*Note for Prospective Applicants: Beginning in the Fall 2012, the School is moving to a new Certificate program with more than 20 offerings including: Climate and Health; Environmental Health Policy; Global Health; Molecular Epidemiology; and Toxicology. Visit the Prospective Student/Columbia MPH site for more information.